Da die Seiten des Entwicklers Eduardo Terol offline sind, hier die wichtigten Dateien. In der englischen Anleitung ist auch die Installation beschrieben.

Läßt sich bis WinXP betreiben. Unter Win7-64 bit läuft es so nicht mehr.

Ich habe es unter Win7/64 in Windows XP Mode unter Virtual PC installiert.

EDIT Nov.2016:

Palmphi bzw. genauer "andere" Supportprogramme verhinderten eine Installation groesser als WinXP, da 16-bit Programme nicht mehr ausgeführt werden
können. Ich hatte das nie näher weiter untersucht.. Da ich nun einen Win10 Rechner hatte, schaute ich mir das noch mal an.
Die entspr. Meldung kam bei Install und gunzip. Ich habe dann gunzip.exe durch eine Win32/64 Version ersetzt. Damit lief das Install nach:
c:\cygwin durch. Dann kommt ja die Meldung/Aufforderung nach einem Test. Nun bis auf Meldungen der bash Shell lief auch das (siehe unten).
Ich konnte eins meiner alten Projekte kompilieren und im m505 Emulator testen.

Anleitung (PDF)





Environment Installation
If you haven't installed cygwin yet, or you have problems with you current version, then read following information.
I have build an installer for cygwin, prctools, PilRC and PalmSDK. Install it, only if you don't have any other versions or if you don't mind loosing the ones you have.

    PilRC (GPL) is being developed by :

(c) 1997-1999 Wes Cherry
(c) 2000-2002 Aaron Ardiri

    prc-tools (GPL) has its home page at

    palm SDK license can be read after the installation at :  ($CYGWIN)\Palmdev\Palm OS SDK Licenses. Before using the software, you should read this license.
    cygwin (GPL)  's homepage can be reached at

Steps for installing the software are:
1. Download my installation at the end of this page (You need to download all the four files, Total : 11 Mb) (remember, that I have developed only the installer)
2. Copy all four files to the same directory and execute cygwin.exe
3. When the self-extractor is launched, select a directory to unpack the files which is accessible by old DOS programs (e.g. C:\inst) and execute the program install.exe there.
3. Select a destination for the file "cygwin.bat", this is where the whole installation is unpacked. Normal directories are C:\CYGWIN or D:\CYGWIN, other should work too. DON'T select C:\Program Files\Cygwin, because "Program Files" won't be accessible by these unpack utilities. And don't select C:\cygwin.bat if you don't want to get zillions of files in your root directory.
4. Wait until the installation is over and answer "yes" to the question if it should perform a test.
5. You can safely delete the installation directory if everything run ok.

As the main program is changing very often, this installer is intended only for the environment. The main program must be downloaded separately.

If you have any problem check following :
- Do you have more than one copy of cygwin, in your system? Try deleting the old one. Delete also with the registry editor the path : HKEY_LOCAL_USER\Cygnus Software\cygwin
- Do you have enough free space? with less than 70 Mb don't even try it !
- If you have deactivated 8.3 filename format mirroring, then you have to copy the installation files to a directory, which is accessible with 8.3 format names. (e.g. c:\inst)
- The test script can be manually executed. It resides on ($CYGWIN) directory. Try executing it manually and seeing what happens.